About COOK! 


2018 marks our 10th year of hosting adventurous cooking camps for kids and teens. We believe that learning how to cook is an essential life-skill, one that has the potential to be exciting and rewarding; engaging for creative, scientific, wild, and orderly thinkers alike. We teach through hands-on, experiential classes, utilizing the rich culinary resources around us, and leaning always on our collective love for food and for feeding others.

It is our aim to support our local communities by providing the foundational knowledge our youth needs to succeed, both professionally and socially. Knowing how to cook has zero drawbacks. It is a skill-set that rewards us in every way, from cultivating better eating habits, to teaching us how to be generous with others, to giving us marketable skills in the work-world.

The meals we cook, daily, are made from scratch, using high quality, handpicked ingredients. We shop locally, and at farmer’s markets whenever possible. And we pride ourselves on sending our young cooks home with the skills and inspiration to cook for their friends and families.