Welcome to COOK! Programs!

Do you already love to cook, or are you brand new, and want to learn?
Do you love to eat, or are you a picky eater wanting to expand your palate?
Do you watch food shows and dream of being in the spotlight?
Or do you know that you are destined to feed others professionally, or simply for fun?

COOK! Programs opens its doors to young food enthusiasts who wish to explore the culinary arts and sciences, through hands-on, high energy classes. Taught by professional chefs in an East Bay Area commercial kitchen, every class revolves around the creation of a full and satisfying meal. We teach safety, techniques, processes, recipes, and formulas for success.

Parents, let us expertly guide your kids toward self-reliance in the kitchen. Before you know it, they will be making dinner for you.

The COOK! staff speaks from experience when we say that the kitchen is a great place to grow and learn.